What Makes Our Charcoal Powder Special?

It's the output of a process called pyrolysis which is defined as the high temperature burning of carbonaceous material in a low-oxygen environment.

What's even better is we get this charcoal from companies producing renewable diesel fuel from saw mill waste. Instead of decomposing and releasing carbon dioxide into the air, the wood waste is pyrolysized and what remains is 90+% carbon. Other charcoal powders can have as low as 67% carbon content.

When you create with Raven Powder, you're working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Pretty cool, right?

Can I Make My Own Paints?

You bet. Mix charcoal powder with acrylic glazing liquid to create your own liquid paints or you can also easily mix with a little bit of gum arabic and honey to form your own watercolor paints.

Is It Conductive?

The jury's still out. We've done some playing around and early tests suggest there may be some electrical conductivity to the powder. In the mean time, if you're looking for interactive projects your best bet is to head over to Bare Conductive.

I Need A Ton of Powder. Do You Sell Large Volumes?

Yes. Please reach out to us at ravenpowders@gmail.com to discuss your needs.